Tourism is changing. Travelers are constantly looking for authentic, unique and personalized experiences.

For this reason we have created a particular professional figure: the "local cousin". It is a fun way to call a tour guide who is also committed to being a local advisor and a good friend with whom to share an unforgettable memory: an authentic stay in Puglia and Basilicata!

The "local cousin" knows the territory, is a friend of the people, keeps secrets and anecdotes and is a proud and always hungry southern Italian person. "It seems everybody knows him/her" or "We felt like locals, like we always lived in town" - These are the most common phrases that can be found in the reviews that our guests leave on our social pages, on tripadvisor or on the portals with which we collaborate.

We often stay in touch with our guests even months or years after the experience together, exchanging Christmas greetings, celebrating business successes or family events, and sometimes becoming friends or even a second family. This is worth more to us than anything else, because whoever chooses to do this job is a person who first of all loves people and their stories.


We are not alone, we do not want to be because being part of a network means developing the territory. For this reason we constantly collaborate with other operators in the sector with whom we share principles, objectives and new ideas for new projects. We carefully select our partners, such as tour guides, drivers, bicycle suppliers, environmental guides, tour operators and any other figure our guests will have to deal with during their experience.